Couleur Caramel Makeup Brushes

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The number #1 makeup in France, Couleur Caramel is an ethical, natural brand you'll love! 

These brushes are perfect for a smooth, even cover with rounded bamboo handles.

POWDER BRUSH N°1 For applying all Couleur Caramel Complexion Powders. Tapered shape fits the curves of the face, perfectly depositing powder gently and evenly.  The essential tool for a successful makeup! Goat hair.

KABUKI N°2 For sweeping an air-whipped caress of silk powder across the face. Rounded shape makes it easy to make circular movements necessary for the application of powder. Goat Hair.

FOUNDATION BRUSH N°4 The complexion perfector for a flawless result.  Ideal for applying bases and foundations. Nylon hair.

EYESHADOW BRUSH N°6 The perfect brush for applying eyeshadow across the entire lid or for blending two shades. Nylon hair.

SHORT EYESHADOW BRUSH N°8 For applying detailed eyeshadow along the lashline and to extend and smudge eyeliner. Nylon hair.

ORBIT BRUSH N°11 Dome shaped to blend eyeshadow perfectly. Pony and nylon hair.



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