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Fine Mist Sprayer (empty)

$12.00 USD

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This fine mist spray bottle is perfect to use with your Skin Script Toners. I find that you use less product so making your products even more affordable.

The Misters hold 10.14 oz per bottle (2 bottles of 3.3 oz Toner) and delivers an ultra-fine continuous mist. I love the design of these and they are made out of (XL40 PET) clear, durable plastic.

They are also perfect for:

  • Hydrating plant leaves - I actually use one for my orchids!
  • Hairstyling
  • Watercolor and mixed media artists
  • Evenly wet acrylic paint on your palette
  • Tightening canvas and wetting watercolor paper
  • Spraying thinned liquid watercolors for various effects

Oh, You're Going To LOVE This!